Another Place



In 2018, the exhibition of graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague presents works by 56 young artists – 29 men and 27 women. The most common year of birth of our graduates is 1992, when nineteen of the participating artists were born. The next most common years of birth are 1991 and 1990. The overwhelming majority of graduates hail from the Czech Republic, but there are also Slovaks and members of other nationalities. The graduate exhibition is held in three of the Academy’s buildings. Forty graduates are exhibiting in the main building and its surroundings, twelve in the Modern Gallery, and three at the School of Architecture. One graduate decided to exhibit his works outside of school.

This year’s graduating students come from seventeen different studios at the AVU. The works by students from the studio of restoration and the studio of architecture all reflect these departments’ particular specializations. The graduates in painting, drawing, graphic art, sculpture, intermedia art and new art sometimes work with other media than the one with which their department is usually associated. At least eighteen graduates are exhibiting paintings. Roughly fifteen graduate works are installations, video art or works of new media. Seven graduate works can be described as sculpture, and other exhibited works come from the fields of drawing, graphics and performance art. Four of the graduating students are called Ondřej, three are Martin and Markéta, and there are two each of Barbora, David, Jakub, Jan, Lucie, Nikola and Vojtěch. One third of the titles of graduate projects contain words related to a place, one fifth contain words related to people and relationships.


Curators Tomáš Pospiszyl, Maria Topolčanská
Graphic Design Ivana Dudková
Technical Implementation Matěj Al-Ali, AVU workshops
Exhibition and catalogue production Blanka Čermáková
Festival production Tomáš Džadoň
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Special thanks Andrea Bednářová, Ondřej Dušek, Tereza Dvořáková, Tomáš Džadoň, Petra Feřtrová, Simona Janů, Eva Jelínková, Jana Jenšovská, Martina Kárová, Mária Kokindová, Táňa Notinová, Evelína Nováková, Dagmar Svatošová, Jakub Zeman