The Most Beautiful Age



This year’s Graduate Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) Prague, Nejkrásnější věk (The most beautiful age) takes its name from Jaroslav Papousek’s 1968 film comedy set amongst the students, professors and models of one of AVU’s sculpture studios.

Taking place within the Academy itself, the exhibition is a chance to reflect on the 220 years of history and traditions of the school, while at the same time looking forward, to the lives and practices that the graduates will have beyond their time in education.

Fifty-seven graduating students, from across Painting, Sculpture and Drawing, Graphics, New Media and Intermedia, Architecture and Restoration, will present the culmination of six years of study.

The diploma exhibition is the moment of their transition from students to professionals, and their final chance to draw on, experiment with, and advance the traditions that AVU represents. The skills of technique and thinking, looking and feeling, which they’ve learnt in their time at the Academy must now be taken forward alone. We hope that for AVU as a whole and for each of the graduating students it is clear that the most beautiful age lies not in the past but in the future.


Curators John Hill, Tomáš Džadoň
Exhibition and catalogue production Blanka Čermáková
Technical Implementation Jana Jenšovská, Adam Trbušek, AVU Workshops
Trailer director Soyoung Bae
Translations Stephan von Pohl, Marek Tomin
Text editing Lenka Střeláková
Proofing Tereza Hubáčková, John Hill, Megan Bedell
Graphic design 20YY Designers
Photos Radek Dětinský and authors’ archive
Image optimalisation Radek Typovský
Website Jakub Mynář
Special thanks Anežka Bartlová, Hana Janečková, Simona Janů, Lynda Zein, Jakub Mynář, Tomáš Pospiszyl, Eliška Míkovcová, Kateřina Sochací, Dagmar Svatošová
Exhibition partners Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy, Magistrát hlavního města Prahy, Papyrus Bohemia s.r.o., Klub AVU, Radio 1, ČRo Vltava, Radio Wave, Týdenik Echo a, A2, Artalk, Artikl, Artmap, Protišedi