2021–2024 Grafika 2, AVU (Vladimír Kokolia)
2019–2021 Malba 1, AVU (Robert Šalanda, Lukáš Machalický)
2018–2021 Intermédia 1, AVU (Milena Dopitová)
2019–2020 exchange at AVU, Studio of Visiting Artist (Alexey Klyuykov)
2015–2018 University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, New Media (Vladimír Merta)

Popis diplomové práce

The Absence of Absence

Quarries, caves, mineshafts, holes, cavities, and cracks in the surface reveal absence, the presence of something else. Absence is dependent on the presence of the environment that shapes it. When we see a quarry, we don’t necessarily focus on the fact that something is not there, even though it is obvious. A quarry is a cut landscape, an exposed interior, an abyss. It is a matrix of the void.

In his work, Ondřej Klavík depicts the de-materialization of physical volume: mining, digging, removal, relocation. For him, physical substance is more than matter; it can be an idea, information which suddenly finds itself set aside in order to reveal something that is subliminal, beneath the surface. Ideas meet mythology, the re/construction of vanished places, objects, cultures. We find ourselves somewhere between the legible and the abstract, the real and the fictional. The meaning eludes us and disappears; it must be unpuzzled, deciphered. Every time we look, the image changes, the scale disappears and another is revealed. Beyond the original motif, something completely different, something upside-down emerges that eludes identification.